Silver Spoon Ski-Fest

2019-02-02 • 15km Classic

48 Participants • 0 Women • 48 Men

Average Time: 01:14:53
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
191Karl SaidlaMASTERS MEN II11100:55:50.8
202Mark OrzelMASTERS MEN III22101:00:03.3
200Gabriel Blouin-DemersMASTERS MEN II33201:00:45.3
193John WestdalMASTERS MEN III44201:02:04.6
201Graham FrankMASTERS MEN II55301:02:42.3
204Wayne DustinMASTERS MEN III66301:02:46.4
197Stephen DanielsMASTERS MEN II77401:04:55.3
207Peter TregunnoMASTERS MEN II88501:05:16.0
206Kristjan WallnerMASTERS MEN II99601:06:07.1
222Dale IrwinMASTERS MEN IV1010101:06:14.5
212Dave AllanMASTERS MEN II1111701:06:19.2
192Daniel MallettMASTERS MEN III1212401:06:36.2
214Larry HeganMASTERS MEN II1313801:06:44.1
257Fred BushellMASTERS MEN IV1414201:07:32.2
205Mark KulasMASTERS MEN III1515501:07:35.5
219Zeba CrookMASTERS MEN III1616601:09:20.8
211Perry KirkeyMASTERS MEN IV1717301:09:53.4
196Theo MallettJUNIOR MEN1818101:10:29.7
247Jean BrissonMASTERS MEN III1919701:11:06.4
208Todd FairheadMASTERS MEN II2020901:11:08.7
215Tony PicardMASTERS MEN III2121801:11:33.3
233Reid Van MelleMASTERS MEN II22221001:13:23.1
220Sylvain GauthierMASTERS MEN II23231101:14:00.2
253Steve LivingstoneMASTERS MEN I2424101:14:54.7
234Walter BenzMASTERS MEN V2525101:15:43.2
226Andrew SchlosserMASTERS MEN II26261201:16:23.5
249Malcolm EdwardsMASTERS MEN III2727901:16:37.4
237Paul KadzioraMASTERS MEN III28281001:17:12.5
248Larry NormanMASTERS MEN III29291101:18:28.5
213Cole MerrillSENIOR MEN3030101:18:31.1
232Carl ConradiMASTERS MEN II31311301:18:44.3
260Allan BakewellMASTERS MEN II32321401:19:27.9
254Vichetr LimMASTERS MEN II33331501:19:52.6
264David RossMASTERS MEN IV3434401:20:33.6
252Joan BouMASTERS MEN III35351201:21:46.9
262Bruce SmithMASTERS MEN IV3636501:22:08.9
261Erik HagbergMASTERS MEN IV3737601:22:39.1
235Eric StephensonMASTERS MEN II38381601:23:54.8
231Steve JacobsenMASTERS MEN II39391701:26:25.3
236Raymond MetcalfeMASTERS MEN V4040201:27:59.3

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