Tour du Mont Valin Ski

2019-03-16 • 20km classique

20 Participants • 8 Women • 12 Men

Average Time: 01:52:37
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
524Daniel LapriseM50-5911101:16:26.5
550Raphael VigneaultM17-22101:16:31.1
532Simon LetourneauM50-5933201:21:54.7
504Sabin BrissonM50-5944301:22:02.4
528Martine LavoieF50-5951101:31:40.2
546Myriam TremblayF40-4962101:43:01.7
502Sylvain BoilyM40-4975101:47:35.8
538Andre ProulxM60+86101:52:47.0
507Lise DemersF60+93101:53:02.8
544Rene TremblayM60+107201:53:03.9
541Richard TheriaultM60+118301:53:25.6
505Carol ClaveauM60+129401:53:30.0
512Real GaudreaultM60+1310501:58:16.7
515Pierre GendronM60+1411602:14:22.2
523Desneiges LapointeF60+154202:16:29.7
520Isabelle LacharmeF60+165302:36:58.4
552Carine WeirF40-49176202:43:08.4
543Mario TremblayM40-491812202:43:09.1
519Ghyslaine HeonF60+DNF1101:22:08.4
527Louise LavoieF60+DNF

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