Wonder Race

2019-06-14 • Team Event

50 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

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Comp.BIBNameRankOfficial Timepenalty
37Team Rania's Bees103:03:52.9
35Team Inter-Disciplined Team!203:11:37.000:05:00
43Team Los Gringos303:15:17.3
41Team Four Lokos403:15:35.7
13Team Les Smoothies503:22:45.7
2Team Drw Company #1603:43:07.100:05:00
7Team The Savages703:41:38.900:05:00
12Team Go Blakes Or Go Home!803:56:02.400:05:00
4Team Nielsen #2: Los Victorios903:58:50.000:05:00
32Team Drw Company #31004:00:25.0
34Team Devencore 2 - The Guys1104:01:21.1
39Team Victorious Secret1204:02:02.2
18Team Desjardins #3 - Les Sportifs1304:07:52.700:05:00
19Team Drw Company #21404:11:44.5
45Team Shrinevengers1504:09:31.600:05:00
30Team Easey Street1604:23:07.9
14Team Ok Bye Bye !1704:19:35.400:10:00
6Team Sherby Love1804:31:10.6
24Team Bloom1904:21:55.600:10:00
17Team Bonduelle #2: Beet Ya !2004:27:07.200:05:00
33Team Bonduelle #3: Ze Unicorns2104:29:07.800:05:00
16Team Wonder Women2204:35:38.3
27Team Staff Development2304:25:45.100:10:00
1Team Desjardins #1 - Cath Et Ses Hommes2404:26:30.5
46Team Team Broadsign2504:31:51.600:05:00
5Team Kpmg2604:32:56.8
42Team Desjardins #6 - Les Wonder Rh2704:36:20.600:05:00
36Team Nordia2804:36:53.800:05:00
11Team Devencore 1 - The Girls2904:38:58.300:05:00
8Team Windigo3004:37:56.600:10:00
20Team Nielsen #1: Les Jeunes + Mike3104:43:43.300:05:00
26Team Yp Diamond3204:41:31.000:10:00
40Team Canada Vie3304:37:44.400:15:00
9Team Desjardins #2 - Les Pouliches : Le Retou3404:54:05.6
23Team Nielsen #3: The Quads3504:56:13.400:05:00
21Team Must Have Coffee3604:53:35.100:10:00
3Team Iperceptions #13705:00:12.3
15Team Smells Like Team Spirit3805:01:18.800:05:00
44Team Not Fast But Furious3905:03:23.900:05:00
29Team Iperceptions #24004:53:51.400:15:00

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Name: Wonder Race
Date: 2019-06-14
Location: Montreal, QC
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