Tour de la Montagne Desjardins

2019-05-19 • Défi féminin (24.5 km)

33 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 02:08:36
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Comp.ViewBIBNameRankOfficial Time
701Equipe Trizone101:27:54.2
709Equipe Les Etoiles Filantes201:34:50.3
881Equipe Les Zeclairs301:35:50.5
882Equipe Les Pigeons Voyageurs401:41:26.1
710Equipe Les Chixx Machines501:46:01.1
722Equipe Vogirl601:46:38.6
901Equipe Csh-24701:48:47.7
7Equipe Brodeur & Letourneau801:48:56.4
11Equipe Nutri-Diem Inc. #2901:49:16.9
893Equipe Esol1001:51:35.5
729Equipe Les Gazelles Rebelles #21102:01:14.8
880Equipe Road Runners1202:04:05.0
702Equipe Les Etincelles1302:04:50.6
704Equipe College St-Hilaire Prof1402:06:01.9
871Equipe Csh-101502:06:13.1
905Equipe Csh-281602:10:55.9
728Equipe Les Gazelles Rebelles #11702:11:18.8
908Equipe Csh-311802:12:24.3
889Equipe Les Alpagas Montagneux1902:13:34.1
904Equipe Csh-272002:16:43.3
886Equipe Les Caniches En Tricycle2102:18:02.6
724Equipe Les Girls de Proxim2202:18:23.9
851Equipe Essj-012302:19:29.1
872Equipe Csh-112402:19:39.0
727Equipe Caisse Desjardins de Saint-Hyacinthe #42502:19:46.7
52Equipe Habitations Trigone #22602:19:57.2
877Equipe Csh-162702:22:06.6
902Equipe Csh-252802:25:06.6
878Equipe Csh-172902:27:02.4
857Equipe Super Girls3002:36:53.1
730Equipe Colledo3102:40:36.1
910Equipe Csh-333202:46:03.1
892Equipe Hope3302:51:37.6

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