Yoma Yangon International Marathon 2019

2019-01-19 • 10 km

3565 Participants • 1870 Women • 1695 Men

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Comp.ViewRankBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. Place6kfinish time
1M0829James JkahuraM-OPEN1100:18:1300:30:59.4
2M0906James GhadaffyM-OPEN2200:18:3500:32:46.7
3M1408Soe Sithu M-OPEN3300:20:4900:35:25.2
4M0647Than ThansoeM-OPEN4400:21:5000:37:03.9
5M0914Henry M-OPEN5500:23:5100:40:23.3
6F1767Nan Mon Kyi F-OPEN1100:23:4500:40:38.8
7F0278Yu Moh Moh F-OPEN2200:25:3500:43:02.6
8F0370Cho Cho F-OPEN3300:25:2500:43:31.0
9M0440Chit Nyi Nyi M-OPEN6600:24:4700:43:35.9
10M0503Tun Tun M-OPEN7700:25:2500:44:14.7
11M0813Win Ko M-OPEN8800:26:0400:44:41.4
12M0803Yan Naing M-OPEN9900:27:2000:47:35.8
13M0802Wai Zin M-OPEN101000:27:5400:48:24.0
14M0792Lu M-OPEN111100:28:1500:48:53.6
15M1396Aung Han Zar M-OPEN121200:28:0200:49:02.1
16M0925Aung Than Toe M-OPEN131300:28:1600:49:13.0
17M1749Olivier Marjel Bertrand M-OPEN141400:28:3100:49:23.5
18M0928Oo Yan Naing Htay M-OPEN151500:28:2200:49:29.4
19M0931Tun Kaung Myat M-OPEN161600:28:5400:50:09.8
20M0934Zaw Min M-OPEN171700:28:4400:50:09.8
21M1548Nishikawa Yoshihide M-OPEN181800:29:3000:50:27.4
22M1219Sone Phyo Pyae M-OPEN191900:29:2800:50:48.4
23M1213Lel L Khal M-OPEN202000:28:1800:51:32.5
24M0926Thu Kyaw M-OPEN212100:29:3100:51:39.4
25M1587Naing Htet Myat M-OPEN222200:29:1400:51:45.1
26M1506Lwin Zin Maug M-OPEN232300:29:5600:51:51.0
27M0932Nyein Aung Chan M-OPEN242400:30:1000:51:55.4
28M0920Thu Myat M-OPEN252500:29:4800:51:57.2
29M1283Naing Ko Ko M-OPEN262600:30:0500:52:15.2
30M1216Aung Than Toe M-OPEN272700:29:5500:52:35.1
31M0242Aung Myo M-OPEN282800:30:1700:52:35.4
32M1230Win Aung Tie M-OPEN292900:31:1900:53:11.2
33M0650Soe Lin M-OPEN303000:31:2900:53:12.0
34M1577Thet Paing Min M-OPEN313100:31:2400:53:12.8
35F0897Fukue F-OPEN4400:28:5400:53:16.0
36M1282Tun Nay Myo M-OPEN323200:30:2500:53:23.6
37M1295Aung Htet Ko M-OPEN333300:30:2600:53:23.9
38M0393Zaw Lin M-OPEN343400:30:4300:53:28.4
39M1780Kyaw Thu Lin M-OPEN353500:27:5200:53:39.6
40M0768Paul M-OPEN363600:31:1200:53:47.2

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Name: Yoma Yangon International Marathon 2019
Date: 2019-01-20
Location: Yangon, Myanmar
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