Angkor Wat International Half Marathon

2019-12-08 • 21 km

3114 Participants • 1215 Women • 1899 Men

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WatchViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceSplit 1chip timefinish time
WH-9001Kien ChenWH-Male
WH-9002Sang MakaraWH-Male
WH-9003Sem KimsouWH-Male
WH-9004Sovan RavitWH-Male
WH-9005Gnon PagnaWH-Male
WH-9006Ret PhochWH-Male
WH-9007Hon HeaWH-Male
WH-9008Pai TonWH-Male
WH-9009Thol PrumWH-Male
WH-9010Kuy PathWH-Male
WH-9011Sovantha SemWH-Male
WH-9012Sern HunWH-Male
WH-9013Phun ChhunWH-Male
WH-9014Vun vanWH-Male
WH-9015Savoeun HeangWH-Male
WH-9016Hok HeaWH-Male
WH-9017Nhansamuth EkWH-Male
WH-9018Chhanna InWH-Male
WH-9019Chea SryWH-Male
WH-9020Layhoeun EngWH-Male
WH-9021Sakun PoWH-Male
WH-9022Suan KimsanWH-Female
WH-9023Phia Kim SocheaWH-Female
WH-9024Ngak VaryWH-Female
WH-9025Vatha ChetWH-Female
WH-9026Sreynak SokWH-Female
0001Roy GoriMale
0002Manop NimyizhuneMale
0003Hervouet JulienMale
0004Prof. Dr. Roland KlägerMale
0005Lars SchmidMale
0006Christian TollkuehnMale
0007Feisal AlhadyMale
0008Huynh Minh DucMale
0009Matthew FleetMale
0010Jason MatthewsMale
0011Raimo BengerMale
0012Stuart FarmerMale
0013Mayank ParekhMale
0014Naruephat TapaoMale

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Name: Angkor Wat International Half Marathon
Date: 2019-12-08
Location: Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
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