Angkor Wat International Half Marathon

2019-12-08 • 10 km

5026 Participants • 2202 Women • 2824 Men

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WatchViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceSplit 1chip timefinish time
A-9101Ngeat Ly HongA-Male
A-9102Lonh KorngA-Male
A-9103Chhun LutA-Male
A-9104Sat SunA-Male
A-9105Bunhak NeangA-Male
A-9106Sokhhav VuthA-Male
A-9107Sochen vanA-Male
A-9108Chek EunA-Male
A-9109Tholradet YaA-Male
A-9110Hong BongA-Male
A-9111Sampors OukA-Male
A-9112Soksan YiA-Male
A-9113Chan RathA-Male
A-9114Buntheng SrunA-Female
A-9115Ratana NgunA-Female
L-9051Eim ChhetL-Male
L-9052Chi CheangL-Male
L-9053Neak PhanL-Male
L-9054Ra SrongL-Male
L-9055Sophors LunL-Male
L-9056Vuthy PhanL-Male
L-9057Saloeunt PenL-Male
L-9058Vannak TuongL-Male
L-9059Teng vanL-Male
L-9060Hab HeaL-Male
L-9061Vuthy MaoL-Male
L-9062Sabun MeasL-Male
L-9063Saron NeangL-Male
L-9064Channtha OukL-Male
L-9065Bronh MenL-Male
L-9066Taing PiL-Male
L-9067Hak SengL-Male
L-9068Sovan CheaL-Male
L-9069Phan ChimL-Male
L-9070Mao SanL-Male
L-9071Tort ChheornL-Male
L-9072Korng ChhoeumL-Male
L-9073Chea RoeunL-Male
L-9074Sreychean CheaL-Female
L-9075Samoeun MeasL-Female

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Name: Angkor Wat International Half Marathon
Date: 2019-12-08
Location: Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
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