2014-09-06 • Cyclosportive Ride

1124 Participants • 99 Women • 870 Men

Average Time: 12:02:42
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
35 CITYWORKSCyclo Tandem127308:49:37.9
4337 RUMBLEGUTSCyclo 2 Relay21109:07:55.1
4403 A TO Z RACING (FKA CHRISS MEAT AND DELI)Cyclo 3+ Relay32109:07:55.2
4523 O-TOWN BOYZCyclo 3+ Relay47509:17:13.4
3252Andrew RICHARDSM Clyclosportive5131309:35:10.3
3214Jared DESPAINM Clyclosportive6141409:35:14.9
4329 LIFETIME 2Cyclo 2 Relay710409:35:34.9
3334Spencer LAWM Clyclosportive86609:36:44.4
4326 LABELLE-HUNTSMAN HOMETOWN HEROESCyclo 2 Relay917809:37:07.5
4547 TEAM RILEYCyclo 3+ Relay103209:41:52.5
3208Cody BURRM Clyclosportive114409:42:39.1
4542 TEAM CACHE GRAN FONDOCyclo 3+ Relay12251309:43:47.6
2264Matthew SOUTHERM Clyclosportive133309:46:29.5
3230Aaron HOPKINSONM Clyclosportive14535309:47:15.2
4342 TEAM JACKSON HOLECyclo 2 Relay15311309:47:23.9
4343 TEAM MALIBUCyclo 2 Relay166209:47:37.0
3150Spencer SAMUELIANM Clyclosportive17232309:49:08.8
4328 LIFETIME 1Cyclo 2 Relay18802509:50:21.5
3250Luke PETERSENM Clyclosportive19595909:51:11.0
4303 BARRIES SKI AND SPORTSCyclo 2 Relay2012609:51:12.6
2455Michael SCHEULLERM Clyclosportive21171709:52:09.6
2919William DOUCETTEM Clyclosportive228809:53:39.3
2111Robert CRITCHFIELDM Clyclosportive23444409:54:27.0
2728Kent GUNNELLM Clyclosportive24474709:56:53.0
2357Rex SHUPEM Clyclosportive25161609:58:08.5
2315Scott BRADYM Clyclosportive26181809:58:09.9
3216Troy FINLAYSONM Clyclosportive27767609:58:19.7
2225Sean HANSENM Clyclosportive28333309:58:42.5
2429Javan HOUSERM Clyclosportive299909:59:58.6
2464Andie TANNERM Clyclosportive30101010:00:00.4
4415 BLACKOPS RACINGCyclo 3+ Relay314310:00:41.9
4406 ADOBE CYCLING RELAY 2Cyclo 3+ Relay325410:00:43.9
4527 OREM MAZDACyclo 3+ Relay3314610:00:47.8
4331 MAYBROSCyclo 2 Relay3411510:04:12.1
28 INFINITE CYCLESCyclo Tandem358110:04:43.5
4324 KINDERGARTEN REDSHIRTCyclo 2 Relay36371510:08:40.6
2562Phillip SMITHM Clyclosportive37575710:09:11.4
2756Paul PEARSONM Clyclosportive38808010:10:01.5
2342Nels LARSENM Clyclosportive39121210:10:16.2
2504Timothy BERGSTROMM Clyclosportive40676710:10:57.8

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Start Date: 2014-09-04
End Date: 2014-09-07
Location: Logan, UT
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