Park City Point 2 Point - 2015

2015-09-05 • PCP2P

389 Participants • 47 Women • 324 Men

Average Time: 08:35:49
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
2Robert SQUIREOpen Male11106:32:29.5
20Justin LINDINEOpen Male22206:44:53.6
41Sam SWEETSEROpen Male33306:45:52.2
13Drew FREEOpen Male44406:46:02.2
42Josh TOSTADOOpen Male55506:46:13.7
22Daniel MATHENYOpen Male66606:55:53.3
17Chris HOLLEYOpen Male77706:56:56.4
34Alex PONDOpen Male88806:57:58.4
57Dax MASSEYSinglespeed Open91107:00:20.8
50Quinten BINGHAMSinglespeed Open102207:01:00.5
19Peter KALMESOpen Male119907:03:55.9
7Kevin DAYOpen Male12101007:04:33.3
28John OSGUTHORPEOpen Male13111107:05:32.3
11Bart FLYNNOpen Male14121207:05:45.0
12George FLYNNOpen Male15131307:07:14.8
55Corey LARRABEESinglespeed Open163307:07:34.8
27John NOBILOpen Male17141407:09:16.2
120Justin DOLL30 - 39 Male1815107:14:12.5
24Nathan MILLEROpen Male19161507:15:03.7
171Jon ROSE30 - 39 Male2017207:16:59.3
46Casey ZAUGGOpen Male21181607:17:35.2
77Noah SINGER29 and under Male2219107:17:39.6
48Cole ANDERSONSinglespeed Open234407:17:57.3
274Aaron JORDIN40 - 49 Male2420107:24:06.6
32John PHILLIPSOpen Male25211707:26:19.5
8Justin DESILETSOpen Male26221807:29:08.2
10Brandon FIRTHOpen Male27231907:31:07.5
33Aaron PHILLIPSOpen Male28242007:31:37.0
75Darrell ROUNDY29 and under Male2925207:32:08.8
5Aaron CAMPBELLOpen Male30262107:32:30.1
16Peter HINMONOpen Male31272207:34:36.0
37Erik SLACKOpen Male32282307:35:52.7
100Evelyn DONGOpen Female331107:37:33.9
237Richard DALCANTO40 - 49 Male3429207:37:47.4
73Ben PETERS29 and under Male3530307:40:23.3
346Justin WILSON40 - 49 Male3631307:44:06.8
3Roger ARNELLOpen Male37322407:45:46.9
102Marlee DIXONOpen Female382207:46:07.1
101Kelly BONIFACEOpen Female393307:47:18.6
236Albert DALCANTO40 - 49 Male4033407:47:54.5

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Name: Park City Point 2 Point - 2015
Date: 2015-09-05
Location: Park City, UT
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