Tour de la Montagne Desjardins

2017-07-16 • Défi en équipes (24.5 km)

37 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankCat. PlaceOfficial Time
724Team Clinique Chiropratique St-CharlesDEFI EQUIPE1101:06:36.5
730Team Les P'tits MolletsDEFI EQUIPE2201:18:18.3
744Team Les EtalonsDEFI EQUIPE3301:25:48.8
743Team Athletisme Rive-SudDEFI EQUIPE4401:26:38.3
746Team Frat BoyNO AGE5101:27:32.5
735Team Les S'rins #2DEFI EQUIPE6501:29:36.8
734Team Les S'rins #1DEFI EQUIPE7601:32:25.0
720Team Marc-En-Ciel Et Ses LuckycharmsDEFI EQUIPE8701:35:14.9
723Team Intact Pl AutoDEFI EQUIPE9801:37:11.5
715Team OranginaDEFI EQUIPE10901:41:02.9
709Team Les Rebelles De 1837DEFI EQUIPE111001:41:37.5
966Contact Sportstats UnknownNO AGE11201:45:39.2
738Team Brodeur-VachonDEFI EQUIPE121101:42:10.0
729Team Intact Pl HabitDEFI EQUIPE131201:44:31.3
732Team Les BrasseursDEFI EQUIPE141301:48:58.2
706Team Les Gazelles Et Le BranleuxDEFI EQUIPE151401:53:18.9
712Team Pigeon Et CieDEFI EQUIPE161501:53:51.5
731Team CharbonneauDEFI EQUIPE171601:54:39.9
727Team JeantyDEFI EQUIPE181701:54:52.0
725Team Germain LariviereDEFI EQUIPE191801:57:19.9
718Team Les Pitt Bull De Saint-CharlesDEFI EQUIPE201902:00:30.1
714Team Anne-Isabelle DionneDEFI EQUIPE212002:01:41.1
728Team Les Pieds D'athleteDEFI EQUIPE222102:01:51.7
707Team The Dream Team 2DEFI EQUIPE232202:04:53.8
740Team Comite De Parents CshDEFI EQUIPE242302:10:32.5
710Team Les Bo-MDEFI EQUIPE252402:12:14.7
704Team The FamilyDEFI EQUIPE262502:13:36.3
703Team Equipe Fanny DuvalDEFI EQUIPE272602:16:01.0
726Team Equipe Meggie CabanaDEFI EQUIPE282702:16:42.8
737Team Les EtincellesDEFI EQUIPE292802:19:40.0
711Team MacDEFI EQUIPE302902:19:44.7
708Team Les Belles Et Le BeteDEFI EQUIPE313002:20:18.5
745Team Les Etoiles FilantesDEFI EQUIPE323102:24:43.4
742Team Les Speedy FlamingosDEFI EQUIPE333202:24:44.5
716Team Blabla RunDEFI EQUIPE343302:32:10.3
741Team Fast And Furious FourDEFI EQUIPE353402:36:58.0
721Team Les FrerotsDEFI EQUIPE363502:39:47.9

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