Travel Portland 5k run

2017-07-26 • 5 KM

18 Participants • 8 Women • 10 Men

Average Time: 00:32:58
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WatchViewBIBNameRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
12Scott Grayson11100:25:30.0
2Sig Vandamme22100:26:44.0
11David Gammel33200:27:06.0
8Abe Dane44200:27:43.0
19James Caron55300:28:05.0
9Claire Macdonald61100:28:33.0
18Lizzy Seymour72200:30:05.0
16Bobby Pilch86300:32:11.0
5Cheryl Smith93300:32:31.0
15Emily Bildstein104400:33:06.0
3Chris Stelzig117400:33:08.0
4Paul Hendrick128500:33:35.0
10Amy Martell135100:34:45.0
17Jonathan Goodwin149600:37:15.0
7Roseann Bills156200:39:13.0
14Veronica Purvis167500:39:57.0
20Lynn Chiason178600:41:10.0
6Tony Giometti1810400:42:30.0

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Name: Travel Portland 5k run
Date: 2017-07-26
Location: Québec, QC
5 KM View Live Results
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