Moose on the Loose

2021-06-05 • Junior Moose

92 Participants • 41 Women • 50 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceFinish
198N.N. 198Junior Moose1100:09:02.9
477Matthew CoopJunior Moose1100:14:46.6
449Hank MetcalfJunior Moose2200:15:53.5
458Gabriel ZgodnyJunior Moose2100:12:16.5
221Eliza SalyersJunior Moose3100:16:01.0
469Mason KautzJunior Moose4300:16:06.4
400Cole SalmonJunior Moose5400:16:08.0
441Tommy MannJunior Moose6500:16:45.3
471Ryan SmealJunior Moose7600:16:47.4
453Harper JanssenJunior Moose8200:16:53.1
495Lincoln HallmanJunior Moose9700:17:18.1
224Adalyn BrusseauJunior Moose10300:17:20.3
440Gus MannJunior Moose11800:17:22.5
465Benjamin PaunovichJunior Moose12900:17:31.2
478Anneliese MennittJunior Moose13400:17:36.0
498Piper GreenwellJunior Moose14500:17:56.9
205Tanner RosenJunior Moose151000:17:59.7
223Michaela ProvanJunior Moose16600:18:17.3
479Gretchen MennittJunior Moose17700:18:19.9
486CAMERON ZARLENGOJunior Moose181100:18:24.1
473Donovan TolyJunior Moose191200:18:40.0
380Liam SatherJunior Moose201300:18:52.0
243Andrew KrejciJunior Moose211400:18:57.2
455Skylar TaixJunior Moose22800:19:08.2
484Caleb Collins GrineskiJunior Moose231500:19:14.2
468Beckham KautzJunior Moose241600:20:33.5
464Oliver PaunovichJunior Moose251700:20:38.6
438Mara JurynecJunior Moose26900:20:46.5
451Holland FikeJunior Moose271000:21:02.0
461Bowynn SmithJunior Moose281100:21:04.9
470Evelyn FlisJunior Moose291200:21:05.2
463Carter BostJunior Moose301800:21:22.9
472Electra AntonopoulosJunior Moose311300:21:28.7
492Alex KormosJunior Moose321900:21:30.1
480Mackenzie VogelJunior Moose331400:21:34.7
474Nico Kaufman AngellJunior Moose342000:21:43.8
466Zoe AederJunior Moose351500:21:50.5
482Luke ThomasJunior Moose362100:21:51.1
241Ayla SatherJunior Moose371600:22:00.1
476Alex HarringtonJunior Moose382200:22:23.5

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Name: Moose on the Loose
Date: 2021-06-05
Location: Park City, UT
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