Halong Bay Heritage Marathon

2022-11-13 • 10 km

1197 Participants • 528 Women • 669 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Place5kfinish time
19118Nguyen Minh Ngoc Male 16-3511100:20:4100:36:53.4
14150Nguyen van Sy Male 16-3522200:21:3700:38:47.4
15342Nguyen Cong Quyen Male 16-3533300:22:0400:39:21.8
16827Phan Vu Truong Linh Male 16-3544400:22:2500:40:39.9
10451Nguyen Hai Thanh Male 36-4555100:22:5600:40:41.7
17433Jad Moises Matildo Tupas Male 16-3566500:23:1700:41:52.6
12593Vu van Bien Male 16-3577600:23:1700:42:23.4
13113Vu van Du Male 16-3588700:23:3200:42:50.1
15029Bui The Dung Male 36-4599200:24:3400:43:38.8
12165Duong Xuan Nam Male 36-451010300:24:0600:43:42.8
16191Christian Steffen Male 46+1111100:24:2800:44:05.3
14249Do Xuan Khanh Male 16-351212800:25:4500:44:44.8
15444Dao Viet Dung Male 46+1313200:24:1400:44:46.1
15484Nguyen Thanh Vinh Male 36-451414400:25:2900:45:10.0
10296Nguyen van Hieu Male 36-451515500:25:1800:45:31.1
19504Duong van Truong Male 36-451616600:26:1500:45:42.8
11601Ly A Thanh Male 16-351717900:25:1400:45:44.0
18359Dinh Tien Dung Male 16-3518181000:26:0200:45:53.7
15844Bui Thi Nguyet Female 16-35191100:25:4500:46:26.5
19754Nguyen Tien Linh Male 16-3520191100:26:4800:47:12.0
10395Mai Phuong Male 36-452120700:27:1900:48:31.3
11159Nguyen Quoc Anh Male 16-3522211200:27:2400:49:42.1
11124Nguyen Hoang Anh Male 36-452322800:27:2200:49:42.5
12116Tran Thi Minh Thu Female 16-35242200:28:3300:51:26.2
15781Lu Jui-Chung Male 46+2523300:29:4200:51:55.8
11903Pham Thanh Binh Male 16-3526241300:29:5300:52:05.5
16518Osama Ahmed Ahmed Rehan Male 36-452725900:29:5600:52:18.0
11441Duong Duc Truong Male 46+2826400:29:0000:52:29.9
10153Doan Minh Dung Male 16-3529271400:29:3100:52:43.1
11835Tran Cao Binh Male 36-4530281000:29:5800:52:44.1
13579Pham Huy Hung Male 36-4531291100:30:4600:52:51.5
17632Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy Female 36-45323100:30:3800:52:51.5
14785Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang Female 16-35334300:28:5100:52:55.9
19608Nguyen Ngoc Duong Male 36-4534301200:29:1500:52:58.6
19321To Tuan Anh Male 36-4535311300:30:1100:53:08.6
18145Dao Thanh Binh Male 16-3536321500:30:5700:53:29.7
17094Nguyen van Thieu Male 36-4537331400:30:3000:53:31.6
12302Hoang Cuong Male 36-4538341500:30:3800:53:33.9
12980Tran Quang Dung Male 36-4539351600:30:2300:54:07.3
18542Nguyen van Tuan Male 36-4540361700:30:5000:54:27.8

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Name: Halong Bay Heritage Marathon
Date: 2022-11-13
Location: Halong Bay, Vietnam
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