Trail Scolaire La Clinique Du Coureur

2023-06-01 • 3e année - 1.5 Km

111 Participants • 52 Women • 58 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
423Mathis Dupont-Daigneault3e annee M11100:06:39.1
445Jayden Decherf3e annee M22200:07:03.1
486Hugo Morel3e annee M33300:07:15.1
489Matheo Routhier3e annee M44400:07:21.1
439Tom Watters3e annee M55500:07:22.1
470Jules Bossinotte3e annee M66600:07:25.1
866Louis-Felix Morel3e annee M77700:07:27.1
860Mathis Harvey3e annee M88800:07:37.1
853Benjamin Cliche3e annee M99900:07:37.1
433Charles Marchand3e annee M10101000:07:45.1
468Raphael Blouin3e annee M11111100:07:55.1
461Raphael Rousseau3e annee M12121200:07:55.1
839Marianne Fortin3e annee F131100:07:58.1
428Arnaud Langlois3e annee M14131300:07:59.1
479Leonard Lachance3e annee M15141400:08:01.0
435Lambert Reid3e annee M16151500:08:05.1
438Leo Voyer3e annee M17161600:08:07.1
437Alexandre Turmel3e annee M18171700:08:10.1
453Samuel Laliberte3e annee M19181800:08:16.1
449Loik Girard3e annee M20191900:08:18.1
464Arthur Villeneuve3e annee M21202000:08:19.1
870Xavier Poulin3e annee M22212100:08:21.1
845Elliot Marcoux3e annee M23222200:08:23.1
421Marion Drouin-Calfat3e annee F242200:08:24.1
443Beatrice Couture3e annee F253300:08:31.1
864Arthur Laflamme Martin3e annee M26232300:08:35.1
869Thomas Paquet3e annee M27242400:08:36.1
441Raphael Baribault3e annee M28252500:08:39.1
485Eloi Methot3e annee M29262600:08:41.1
865Noah Mc Kinnon3e annee M30272700:08:42.1
875Thomas Vachon3e annee M31282800:08:45.1
454Emma Lessard3e annee F324400:08:45.1
851Lilia Briand3e annee F335500:08:48.1
849Dali St-Onge3e annee F346600:08:48.1
872Alexia Roy3e annee F357700:08:49.1
868Charlotte Olivier3e annee F368800:08:53.1
475Rose Garcia3e annee F379900:08:58.1
862Mael Jacques3e annee M38292900:09:04.1
852Paul Chambily3e annee M39303000:09:11.0
450Sam Godbout3e annee M40313100:09:12.1

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